Once a Raider...

Commencement is one of the highlights of life at Ship! Twice a year, our future grads share their nerves, dreams, joys, memories, and excitement leading up to one of the biggest accomplishments of their lives. They’ve survived four-ish years of college—all the stress, late nights, and overly caffeinated mornings have finally paid off.

The day after undergraduate commencement this December, one new grad tweeted “Still feels unreal that graduation was yesterday! Loved being a part of the Ship family for 4.5 years!”

But here’s the beauty of it—you are forever part of the Ship family. Once a Raider, always a Raider!

You found a second home at Ship. In your time as a student here, you’ve established new and lifelong relationships. You’ve refined and rediscovered who you are. You’ve found a passion, learned your craft, and developed a career path. You’ve risen above challenges both in and out of the classroom. Sometimes you failed, but you’ve proven your resilience, only to bounce back stronger and wiser.

You’ve survived on Ramen Noodles, Mountain Dew, and 45 minutes of sleep. And soon, you’ll appreciate the small luxuries your first paycheck will bring.

Maybe you’ll stick around; maybe you’ll head out of town. Maybe you’ll keep in touch, maybe you’ll move on. Maybe you’ll become Shipmates with that person who sat next to you in that one gen ed class; maybe you’ll connect with someone half a world away.

No matter where you go, what you do, or whom you meet, you spent quite a bit of time at Ship. We won’t forget that, and we’ll always be here for you. We’re proud of what you’ve accomplished!

Congrats to all our new grads, and don’t forget to visit!