No Doubt, #WinterIsHere

There’s something about a fresh blanket of snow that brings out the beauty of campus.

After the warmest December on record at Ship (it was 66 degrees on December 24!), it seemed like the area might skip winter and go straight to spring. But Mother Nature didn’t disappoint. Ship received its first healthy dose of winter weather when Snowstorm Jonas hit on January 22–23, dropping 32.4 inches of snow across campus. That’s nearly our entire average snowfall for the season!

Since then, it’s been clear that #WinterIsHere. Tuesday was another snowy, but much more manageable day on campus, as several inches covered the few patches left from #Jonas2016. And, surely, there’s more to come.

It’s been fun watching our students make snow day memories and alumni reminisce—snow seems to bring out our inner child. Sledding on campus, diving through drifts, snapping wintery photos, and attempting to assemble snowmen were just some of the shenanigans shared on social media. One Instagram user said, “Thanks #shippensburguniversity for being so pretty in this weather. Perfect photo-op #snowmageddon #snowedin #prettytree.” We tend to agree!

Of course, nearly three feet of snow in one shot can be daunting. One student posted, “Walked the entire campus in this blizzard. By the time I was done it felt like I ran a marathon.” Many declared, “We survived winter storm Jonas! #Jonas #WeSurvived”

Our alumni, certain their snow tales could top this storm, recalled the storms of 1993 and 1996 on Facebook: “I was at Ship during the blizzards of ’93 and ’96. I remember it like it was yesterday. Everything was shut down. #proudshipalum.” Another alum? who experienced the blizzard of 1996 remembers “people jumping into the drifts from the elevated walkway leading into the original Lackhove.”

A few of you “borrowed” trays from Kriner Diner to sled down the nearby hill, and others had trouble finding, let alone digging out, their cars. One student teacher at the time remembers “digging out our cars and trying to save our parking spots after we dug out.” There were several “back in my day” posts, including a cheeky, “In 2000, Dr. Ceddia would have made us go to class, uphill and barefoot, both ways.”

Ship has certainly seen its share of snow over the years. Those on campus during the blizzard of 1996 experienced Ship’s largest recorded snowfall. From January 7–9 that year, 37.7 inches of snow accumulated at Ship. In February 2003, Ship measured 25.6 inches of snow, and in March 1993, 25.5 inches fell.

One thing our students and alums agree on is that snow certainly makes campus beautiful and fun! Ship knows how to take advantage of a snow day. Keep sending us your great snow photos, and enjoy the rest of our winter weather. Before you know it, we’ll be saying it’s too hot.