Members of Shippensburg University and the community joined forces for the twentieth annual Ship Shape Day, with 230 volunteers cleaning the streets, streams, parks, walking paths, and highways in Shippensburg.

Ship Shape Day helps students and community members gain new perspectives of each other, said Dr. Carolyn Callaghan, member of the Ship Shape committee and acting dean of SU’s Professional, Continuing, and Distance Education. Because of Ship Shape, students see what’s needed in the community and feel a part of it by volunteering; likewise the community sees how much the students value the town, Callaghan said.

“Students really are thinking about service and how they can give back. They really do want to be a part of their community beyond the university,” she said. “They know it’s important, and they know it’s important to their future as well.”

From Ship Shape Day several other movements have emerged. Clean Sweep encourages students to clean areas around campus each month. Additionally, individual students who have volunteered at Ship Shape Day have reached out for more ways to help the community, Callaghan said.

“I think it is an amazing day that brings together the university and the community.”